Things to do at Myeongdong

Things to Do At Myeongdong

Planning a trip to Seoul soon? Let me share with you the things that you can do while you are in Myeongdong. With an estimate of up to 2 million floating population walking past Myeongdong every day, it is one of the busiest areas in Seoul city. To international visitors, Myeongdong is known to be the shopping mecca for fashion clothing, cosmetics and skincare products. It is comparable to the Shinjuku of Japan and the Orchard Road of Singapore. Below is the list of some things you can do at Myeongdong.

Lotte Department Store

Lotte Department Store is one of the biggest department stores that you can find in Myeongdong. The department store is connected with the Lotte Hotel and Young Plaza. It mostly sells luxury and branded products but they also offer other varieties. Another upscale department store is the Shinsegae Department Store.


Noon Square

Noon Square is a shopping complex with branded shops and has several various stores of new and upcoming Korean designers located on the 5th floor of the shopping complex. It is also connected to the CGV Movie Theater.


Myeongdong Cathedral

Myeongdong Cathedral holds its place in the history as the first Western-style building built in Korea and it was completed in May 1898. Today, it acts as the symbol of Catholicism in Korea.


Olive Young

Olive Young is a drug store that sells different kinds of products. Their biggest branch is located here in Myeongdong.


SM TOWN Pop Up Store

Are you a SM TOWN fan? If you are, you need to visit and shop here. It is located on the basement and the first floor of the Lotte Young Plaza.


Korea Shooting Club

Feeling tired and need a break from your shopping routine? There is no better place for a change of pace than the Korea Shooting Club. In this shooting club, you can experience shooting with live ammunition or bullets. The club is also famous as a shooting site for several Korean movies and dramas. They have one of the best facilities and the largest number of firearms in Korea.


Myeongdong Theater

Myeongdong Theater can also be a place for a change of pace from your shopping routine if you are not into shooting practices. The theater was first opened in June 2009 and the exterior of the building is built in Baroque style while the interior is stylish and modern. If you are fortunate enough, you might even purchase tickets to special play performances while you are here.


Myeongdong Croquette

Myeongdong has always been known for delicious and tasteful street food that you can find mostly at night when plenty of street stalls can be seen along the main road. Myeongdong Croquette is a famous street stall that offers different types of croquettes.  Be warned that the queues and waiting time are usually very long due to its popularity.


Café Coin

Café Coin is one of the most popular and the oldest cafés found in Myeongdong. It was first opened 17 years ago and it serves around 80 different kinds of drinks, cakes and other side menu dishes. They are renowned for their Green Tea Bingsu (Green Tea Ice Flakes).


Geumgang Seokkeojjigae

Geumgang Seokkeojjigae is a famous restaurant known for its Seokkeojjigae (a mixed spicy with rice cake, noodles, pork, squid, tofu, mushroom and watercress). It was first opened 40 years ago and remains popular until today.


Myeongdong Kyoja

Myeongdong Kyoja is a very famous noodles restaurant that has been opened for around 40 years. It is recommended for you to try out their knife cut soup noodle and their fresh kimchi if it is your first time here.


Twosome Coffee Myeongdong

Do you like both coffee and Korean celebrities? If your answer is yes, you need to visit Twosome Coffee Myeongdong. Twosome Coffee Myeongdong is a signature branch of the Twosome Coffee brand that collaborates with Korean celebrities. As of this moment, it has collaborated with Siwon from Super Junior and Lee Min Ho, a very popular Korean drama actor. Who knows you might even stumble onto these celebrities while having your cup of coffee here?


Ha Dong Kwan

Ha Dong Kwan was first opened in 1939, 77 years ago. It is the oldest restaurant in Seoul city to serve Gomtang (a traditional korea soup that is boiled with beef bones). Be there early as they close at 4.30PM!


Myeongdong Street Food

Besides the food outlets that we mentioned above, there are also tons of street food that you can try while walking in Myeongdong. Some of the popular choices include Gyeranbang (Korean Egg Cake), Milky Bee Rose Ice Cream, Hotteok (Korean Sweet Pancake), Ddeobokki (Rice Cake in Spicy and Sweet Sauce), Hweori Gamja (Deep Fried Potato Ring), Bungeoppang (Fish Shape Waffle with Ice Cream), Sundae (Korean Bloody Sausage), Dakkochi (Grilled Chicken Skewers) and Twigim (Deep Fried Snacks).


In conclusion, you will never run of out of things to do, things to shop and things to eat while you are in Myeongdong. You will feel as if time has passed so fast and there is so little time to do everything within 1 day. You will have to stay here in order to experience the tons of things that Myeongdong has to offer. The only thing that limits you here is the size of your wallet and credit cards.



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