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Hotel PJ MyeonDong

Hotel PJ MyeonDong is located in the heart of Seoul City and can be easily accessed by public transportation. The hotel has been opened since 1970 and has played a significant role in boosting the tourism industry in Korea and has 26 years of hotel management experience, skills and know-how.


Hotel PJ MyeongDong is conveniently located about a block away from the Chungmuro station and from lots of places to eat. As it is not directly located in the centre of MyeongDong, the free shuttle bus service offered also makes exploring much easier or you can choose to walk to many different tourist attractions located in central Seoul if you do not mind walking for about an hour. It is also located between MyeongDong and Dongdaemun. The shuttle bus service is offered for free on a daily basis, runs every 30 minutes and stops at midnight. For hotel guests flying in, the online directions to the hotel that found on the Hotel PJ MyeongDong’s official website are impressive too with step by step instructions along with pictures. If you do not follow this guide, it is difficult to locate this hotel. Some hotel guests claim that the hotel is not located in the picturesque area of MyeongDong and the area around it looks a little dodgy but there were no safety issues found.


The rooms are clean, comfortable with warm lighting and carpet, spacious, well-furnished, cozy, value for money and the beds provided are also comfortable, soft and big. There is an even a tea room with Japanese seating arrangement. In addition, the bathroom is also spacious, clean, has a lot of toiletries and has well fragrance soaps. Each floor is equipped with two hot and cold water dispensers making it extremely convenient that you do not have to boil water for drinking and morning coffee. However, some hotel guests claimed that the rooms are a bit dated. It is recommended for you to stay light because the rooms are well equipped with various amenities.


The hotel staffs are courteous, friendly, helpful, accommodating and polite. Some of these staffs can speak good English and Mandarin. They are always eager to help, pleasant, sincere to attend to your needs, requests and inquiries. The housekeeping service staff and doorman are also friendly too and they greet hotel guests pleasantly with smiling faces. The check in process was also very easy, smooth and super-efficient. The hotel also provides a postage service if you buy a lot of things and need them to be posted back to your own country. The level of security is good too because you have to use a security card to access the floor you are staying in. A bag locker is also available to hotel guests for free of charge for 12 hours and it is really convenient if you want to go shopping or explore Seoul without lugging your luggage. Some hotel guests were also fortunate enough to get room upgrades.


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